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The Hollywood insider

Information is beautiful has developed a tool that allows you to explore data on over 1000 major films of the last eight years. It's facinating to see what films cost, the budget they recovered, and how they were rated by the critics. You can also alter the axis to compare different values. Using this tool you can see how in 2015 Sequels were a far safer bet for recovering your budget than original screenplays, but suprisingly remakes don't fare so well.

International number ones

A great data visualisation from showing what each country is number one at - be it good or bad.

Tline - timeline your content

Tline by Avishay Ovadia allows you to create timelines of news, apps, and companies. For example, did you know what Snapchat was originally called Picaboo? Or that was registered all the way back in 1987? Tline can also track news stories, and show you how it unfolded over time.

Check out the example timelines, or sign-up and create your own.

Creative mornings - Simon Sinek

A great talk from Simon Sinek at Creative Mornings: San Diego - "Simon talks about technology, millennials, and the importance of practicing empathy."

Check out the Q&A too