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The true size of...

Our world is a sphere, so to flatten it into 2D means cartographers have to use a 'projection', this however adds distortion. The true size map allows you to drag countries and continents around to see their true size.

MIMO & Spector

Designer Fiona O'Leary makes technology to improve our lives. Two of her latest products are aimed at designers and addresses two problems. The MIMO provides a new interface for Copy and Paste, allowing you to copy four items to your clipboard. With a simple interface, both physical and virtual. With effective colour coding and visually seeing what you've copied the MIMO would be really handy to a designers workflow.

The Spector can detect the typeface, font size on a printed page. The camera can also detect colour to a specific CYMK, RGB or Pantone reference. Spector makes printed pages interactive and bridges the divide between screen and print.

The Billboard Top 100

This website from Polygraph lists every top five songs from 1958 – 2016. As the timeline progresses each number one plays for as long as it holds the top spot, which provides an audible way to judge popularity.

Would love a UK version of this.