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28 months on Mars

The NY Times has a great feature on NASA’s Curiosity rover and what it has been doing on Mars for the last 833 Martian days. I especially like the map showing where the rover is located as you scroll the page - nice touch. The timeline approach works really well too, it adds a nice narrative to the piece. You can also follow the rovers progress in more detail on the Times rover tracking page.

Advent calendar

25daysof makes getting into the festive spirit easier by allowing you to create your own advent calendar. You can add images, video, a URL or some text to your own advent calendar and then share it with others. We have started making one too, so check out our advent calendar filled with festive doodles.

Console Living Room

The internet archive has a collection of vintage video game consoles and the games for it, a large amount of which are playable in the browser. So why not have a game of the Atari classic Asteroids perhaps, or maybe Boom Zoo a Bomberman clone released on the Super A'Can?


Mapbox is an open source tool to create your own custom maps, you can show where you've been or perhaps your next adventure. The maps visuals are really customisable so you can create maps that look the way you want, even down to the typefaces used. Mapbox also features an open API so you can add extra features such as geocoding, routing and offline caching.