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Heineken's infographic response

When a picture of a dog fight on Mongolia included Heineken banners, people assumed (and some still do) that they had sponsored the horrible event. The picture went viral and people vented their anger on Heineken's Facebook page in their droves.

The truth was in fact that Heineken has sponsored a previous event, and the banners had not been taken down, they were not sponsoring a dog fight.

Communicating the truth can be a challenge, one of the methods Heineken is using is an infographic. The graphic explains the events in a simple, clear and easy to digest manner. Breaking down the situation into what happened and then how Heineken has responded makes the whole situation a lot clearer.

The infographic also allows for a swift rebuttal when the image of the dog fight is shared online. One quick link helps to stem the flow of misinformation.

IAB Animation

A video explaining internet advertising to kids doesn't sound like it would make for engaging viewing. But get illustrator Dominic Owen and animator Will Samuel together and they create something rather special. With fast cuts, bright colours and an good voiceover the end result makes for a fun 2 minutes.