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Leblox - 3D pixel builder

Leblox is an app that lets you build little minute pixelated models. Once built you can see how it will look using augmented reality, then click print to get your creation 3D printed! You can see a selection of creations on the Leblox instagram, current favourite is this Mario


The .GIFYS is the fist ever awards honouring the animated GIF. The GIFs were picked by panelists from the likes of Buzzfeed and Mashable and then a winner for each category was picked from an internet vote.

Head on over to to see the winners.


Forgotify is a service that links to Spotify and plays songs that have never been played. The service will randomly pick you a song, and once listened to it will be removed from Forgotify's list. My contribution was 'Never Grow Old' by Smokey Stover, go listen at