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The world through his eyes.

A friend showed me these photos by photographer Murad Osmann a while ago, and I happened to stumble across them again this week and sat in awe all over again. Murad and his girlfriend have travelled all across the globe and chose to photograph the places they visit in an unconventional yet personalized way.

Instead of snapping photos of landscapes on their own, or perhaps the pair stood infront of a famous monument, he chooses to use his Instagram account, posting beautiful images of his girlfriend leading him, by the hand, through unforgetable landmarks from across the whole world. The photographs show him being led across the world including London, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Bali, even a quick snap inside of an IKEA store. The theme is simple, "Follow Me", with the photos being shot with his iPhone.

He describes how "The first photo happened in Barcelona while we were on vacation. My girlfriend was a bit annoyed that I was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me forward. But it didn't stop me from doing photos, that's how it all started".

Osmann is an executive producer at Moscow-based Hype Production and his work regularly sees him jetting across the world to all these unforgetabe locations. The work takes him miles away from home "But after we finish shooting, I often ask my girlfriend to come for two or three days and we continue our project" he says.

Picked for promotion

Are you the one?

How’re you going to win that promotion? It’s a competition, and you’re up against colleagues.

But with any luck, they’ll be going in with slide decks. You’ll be going in with a three-pronged strategy.

1. Make you the focus – don’t play second fiddle to the presentation material. Your human spark will ignite their interest…so don’t give a lecture. Have a conversation.

2. Draw an overview of what you think they’re looking for. A roadmap, all on one page, that shows you’ve thought it through. You can guide them through it, or just refer to key landmarks. Either way, you’re showing them the big picture.

3. Be ready with the one big reason they should pick you. Strategy is sacrifice and as Dave Trott asked, ‘if I throw nine balls at you, what’ll happen?’

The reason could be that you’re such a bloody good presenter.

Have yourself a coffee little Christmas...

Designers will happily hold up their pencils and admit that their biggest vice is coffee, and a lot of it. So when I cam across Johanna Basford's design concept for Starbuck's cup designs at Christmas I just had to share them with you.

Johanna is an illustrator who loves to work in ink, finding preference in pens and pencils as opposed to pixels. Her designs consist of intricate, hand drawn illustrations predominately, although not exclusively, in black and white. A lot of her inspiration stems from her life as a young child growing up on my parent's fish farm in rural Scotland, with connections to the flora and fauna that surrounded her.

Every one of her beautiful creations start as a simple pencil sketch, evolving into a rambling pen and ink design, usually spilling across several sheets of paper.

To see more of her coffee cup designs simply on Behance.

New York in a second

They say traveling broadens the mind, and I personally couldn't agree more. As a designer I feel that traveling not only influences you from a cultural element, but it also changes your perception. Seeing how other cities, countries and contents design opens your eyes to a whole new world from use of colour, layout, style...everything.

I was fortunate to visit the Big Apple last Year, and the experience left me greedy for more. Visiting the MOMA. seeing these great buildings towering above you, the bustle of a city that never sleeps. it leaves you striving to create great things.

I came across this short video this morning and just had to blog it, the images are beautiful, and I guess for those that can't just jet off on a plane half way across the world, it allows you to take a glimpse of what is out there.

Battle of the Brands.

I happened to stumble across Belgium-based ad agency Buzz in a Box's humorous ad for Pepsi for Halloween this year. It captured the brand's competitive relationship with Coca-Cola perfectly. The simple of the ad consisted of an image of a can of Pepsi wearing a red cape that is marked with Coca-Cola’s iconic logo, with a tagline reading: “We wish you a scary Halloween!”

I personally thought it was a fun ad, a little tongue in cheek that alluded Coke as being the 'scarier' soda of the two highly competitive soft drinks. However, this was until I saw Coke's response. Keeping everything that Pepsi had designed in tact, and changing just two elements, their logo in replace of Pepsi's and the tagline, to instead proclaim: "Because everyone wants to be a superhero". Priceless.

A Christmas Tale.

I think it's safe to say that John Lewis always manage to create something magical when it comes to their Christmas advertisements, and needless to say, this year has been no exception.

I've always loved Christmas, but it's adverts like this, that somehow manage to provoke emotions we often shut down and forget we have- that's where the magic lays. I fell in love with the advert, as I do with everyone each year from John Lewis, but for me it was the making of the video that mesmerised me on another level.

Blinkink, a production company based in Soho, London, represents some of the world’s most visually inventive film makers and were the creators of this years tear jerking tale. They work on creating a fusion where animation and technique-driven live action meet to create beautiful compositions. You may recognize some of their previous work such as mobile network's 3 advertisement with 'the dancing pony' or perhaps their print work featured in the likes of Vogue and Creative Review. Either way, take a look at their work, you won't be disappointed.

A wave of colour for the re brand of Rio slums

Two artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn from Dutch studio Haas & Hahn have spent time exploring the slums of Rio since 2005. They've spent time painting larger and larger scale projects in Rio’s favelas. They have even taken the time to employ dozens of various young artists to help produce masses of colourful murals spanning as far as 34 houses in one continuous pattern.

The duo have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with an aim to paint an entire favela in a singular non stop colourful patterned mural. They regard it as re branding a slum. To look past the aesthetic element, the pair are hoping to change the perception of “slums” into “a community”.

Looking to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter in order to fund their project pales in light of the estimated massive $14 billion that Rio is spending in preparation for the 2016 Olympics.

A little bit of type goes a long way...

I've always fallen fast and hard for a good quote delivered in the form of beautiful typography, and Sean McCabe's work is no exception. Known for his hand lettered type designs, illustrations, music and a designer's cliche of love for coffee, Sean's designs are quite frankly fantastic.

All initially hand drawn, evolving from quick rough sketches and gradually built up to beautifully executed works of art within their own rights, they always leave you wanting more. To say I'm a fan would be, well putting it mildly.

To say I'm a fan would be, well putting it mildly. Not only is his blog a great read, it also gives a few hints and tips for all of you out there that like to indulge in creating your own typographic pieces. And if his work on a screen doesn't quite feed your hunger, check out his store. With a range of posters, coasters, t-shirts, stickers, mugs...well you'll be competing with my collection in no time.

Making a Mark

They say that every girl dreams of the perfect wedding, and that when it comes to planning that perfect day every aspect and element is examined and scrutinized to perfection, invites being no exception. But when the bride is a graphic designer you can be sure that the invites will not only be perfect, but within their own rights, a work of art.

Chase created the typographic design in Illustrator then laser cut/engraved the design onto thin pieces of wood and for the back she printed the design onto yellow paper.

Not only does she create beautiful designs, but her work forever exceeds the highest of quality in terms of production and final finish. Take a look for yourself here.