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An unhealthy addiction...

I think it's safe to say I have an unhealthy addiction to Behance , but I feel it's completely justifiable when I discover beautiful illustrations or animated clips, right? Like this one from Patwerk , a graphic design and illustration studio from the Netherlands.

The company is made up of three good friends Ramon Avelino, Rogier Mulder and Lex van Tol who all have a love for bold graphics with a stong attention to detail. Founded in 2008 their work has maintained a playful and often colourful approach, incorporating hand drawn elements with quirky designs.

This short animated clip was designed for the 1% Club in order to explain what it is that the company does. The visuals were created using basic shapes of the company's existing logo as a base for the visual style of the characters and illustrations. Check out their website and behance page for more of their work...

Fracking Explained

Kurzgesagt 'make videos to explain things' which you can see on their YouTube channel. This is one of their latest and explains what fracking is. Using simple icon-esque visuals works well to explain the topic, and provides a nice overview into the issues around fracking.

Alitalia – Excellence at the controls

My current infatuation and love within design can be found somewhere between beautifully crafted vector illustrations mixed in with a touch of animation. Give me that and I'm sold, just like I was when I stumbled upon this piece by Emanuale Colombo .

Branding himself as a motion designer and video editor, it is also apparent that he is a genius when it comes to vector based illustration. He has worked for a range of prestigious clients ranging from the likes of MTV and Coca Cola, to the Discovery Channel Italia and Samsung.

I don't know what it is that I love most about this animation. Maybe it's the flow of each transition, or the illustration style, or maybe it's the beautiful detail... what's not to love?! Definitely a favorite of mine.