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The UK retail sector infographic

Retail plays a large part in all of our lives, with most of us shopping at various retailers every week.

Have you wondered how retail in the UK shapes up?

This infographic for the British Retail Consortium shows the impact UK retail has on the economy, internet sales, employment, contribution to the public purse, investment and productivity.

It's a truly vibrant and perhaps under-rated sector.

'Dangerous cant'

We go to lots of Art College end of year shows, looking for talent, and seeing some great ideas. Not just in Graphic Communication, but right across the spectrum. It’s worth it for those moments when you see something exciting... an idea that makes you catch your breath. Or just use of colours, textures, materials.

One of the less appealing trends is for students to be encouraged to write shit – like this example above. Who’s pushing this stuff?

Architects do it. Jonathan Meads observed ‘This is the dangerous cant of pseudo-science. Self-referential, self-important, inelegant, obfuscating, exclusive, occluded: it attempts to elevate architecture yet makes a mockery of it.’

Come on guys – keep it simple. You’re supposed to be communicating.

The Sketchnote Typeface

The sketchnote typeface from Rohdesign is a must for your type collection, the typefaces have been built from hundreds of hand-drawn glyphs, which allow you to have a lot of contextual alternatives. The variations present in the characters greatly adds to the hand drawn type aesthetic.

There are 4 typefaces in the family, sketchnote text, bold, italic & square. It is also available as a webfont too.