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One in a series of great animated videos from Google to promote their Chrome Web Lab at the Science Museum, London. The experiments include a robot that draws your portrait taken from your web camera in sand, as well as universal orchestra, teleporter, data tracer and lab tag explorer. See them all in action on the Chrome Web Lab website.

Font Awesome

Font awesome is a typeface of icons designed to be used with twitter bootstrap. The typeface comprises of 220 icons which are free to use commercially. A great resource for designers and especially web designers due to the CSS integration. A very useful font to add to your arsenal.

5 million bicycle journeys

This is a pretty cool animation created by visualisation specialist Jo Wood. It shows the first 5 million journeys pedaled in the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme.

iPhone created in CSS3

One for all you web devs, a great tutorial on how to create an iPhone using a single element and CSS3.

What's really great is being able to play around with the code at any point during the tutorial.