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Ford Keyfree login

Ford have developed an app to make logging in to all your online accounts effortless. The app allows you to enter your passwords one last time, your smart phone then acts as a key to unlock the accounts. Clever stuff, and I for one would love not to have to remember all my passwords. It works via bluetooth, which raises some security concerns, but if they can get it secure then this could be amazing. Love the animation style in the video too.

Windows AirPlay mirror to Apple TV

One new feature I liked in the forthcoming OS X Mountain Lion release is the AirPlay mirroring. Mirroring allows you to show your desktop on your Apple TV.

But what about Windows users? Well, AirParrot from Squirrels fills the gap. Once installed you can share your desktop to your Apple TV with ease, hurrah! is a service that allows you to create web based infographics in your browser. You simply pick a design you like, add your data then share or embed infographic. Looks like a great tool to build quick infographics on the fly.

Check out the samples on the website.

Any Touch

Ayotle in partnership with Digitas Labs have developed Any Touch - A tactile object prototype. Using a DSLR camera and a 3D depth sensor the software can detect object and gestures. This allows the user to interact with digital experiences. Check the video to see it in action.

'Zoom' format presentations

Microsoft is developing a ‘zoom’ based presentation tool called ChronoZoom. It allows you to have an almost infinite page. Fill the screen with a 24hr timeline, and zoom out in stages until you have 13.7 billion years in view. And you can add text, image and video to the timeline at any point.

The Economist (June 2nd – Prophets of zoom) asks will this catch on? And quotes an evolutionary neurobiologist saying that zooming is similar to the way we experience moving through open spaces, through undergrowth and looking at distant vistas. It’s perhaps a more natural way to communicate.

At ‘See what you mean’ we’ve developed a similar flexible presentation structure. It allows zoom and a branch like structure. So a presenter can unfold freely; not limited to a fixed order of slides. Your business on one page, as we say.