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Infographic Visual Resumes

Randy Krum from is collecting a pinterest board of infographic resumes. A great resource, and if you know of some to suggest send them to @rtkrum on twitter.

Social media ribbons

Inspired by typewriter ribbon tins I created some social media themed tins. There is one for YouTube and one for Twitter, hopefully I'll make some more soon. Free to download and use.


Douglas Coupland has unveiled the V-Pole at the New Cities Summit in Paris

"The V-Pole (‘V’ for Vancouver) is a slim, modular utility pole connected to underground optical wiring. In a simple Lego-like manner, it can be installed in urban settings and provides neighbourhoods with wi-fi and mobile wireless, LED street lighting, electric vehicle charging, parking transactions and can act as an electronic neighbourhood bulletin board."

Read more on the V-pole website.

World's first invisable advert

Clever use of hacked LCD screens and polarised glasses by Lynx to create an invisible advert. By removing the LCD screens polarising film the images are invisible to the naked eye, but get a pair of polarised glasses and it is visible once more. Simple hack but effective use from Lynx.

the camera collection

Just watched this cute video from Antonio Vicentini, great pixel style and the transitions work really well. See how many cameras you can identify.