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This article in The Wall Street Journal is right on the money.

Doodling, or creating rich pictures as we call it, is a sure-fire way to open up discussion and encourage participation. Ideas can be complex, and words are exact. People will argue about their meaning and lose sight of the bigger picture. As John Heggarty said ‘words are a barrier to communication’.

Pictures are more immediate, universal, and most importantly they carry emotion. When you tell someone a story, or show them a sketch plan, they’re much more likely to become engaged and say ‘I see what you mean’.

We’ve been developing rich pictures for many years for top companies including BBC Worldwide, Capgemini, Cognizant, Gartner, KPMG and Shell. We use this doodling style to gain a profound understanding of your company or ideas. But it’s much more than just doodling to record what’s said. It’s the discussion and challenging of ideas. The dialogue moves the group’s common understanding along quickly towards agreement. But to leave it as a set of sketchnotes is less than half the job. The ideas need to be distilled and restructured, to create a picture - a journey that resonates. And then it has to be presented; unfolded by a ‘human’, in a conversational way. Left alone, a viewer will guess at the story and the meanings. You are the guide, the storyteller to bring the picture to life. As the viewer watches and listens, the insight in the picture becomes clear, and it helps to keep the whole story in mind. As we say, ‘it’s your whole business on one page’.

Clients really value the clarity this process brings. It’s been described as ‘almost magic’ and ‘genius!’.

Take a look at some case studies on and check out what our client’s say about it. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to develop and present your ideas through this process.

Hunter and bear’s 2012 birthday party

Great follow up campaign from Tip-Ex, Hunter and bear’s 2012 birthday party goes allows you to take hunter and bear to various times through history and continue their party. There are quite a lot of videos to find, with lots of famous points in history to seek out.

Watch the video on YouTube

Great talk from John Cleese on creativity and what you can do to foster creative thoughts.

The kid should see this

The kid should see this is a fantastic blog that collects interesting videos from around the web.

"There's just so much science, nature, music, art, technology, storytelling and assorted good stuff out there that my kids (and maybe your kids) haven't seen."

The content is collected by Rion Nakaya and her four year old co-curator. The mix of content works really well and every video is worth watching once if not twice.

You can also follow them on twitter

Pick me up

On Saturday I set of to Somerset House in London to visit Pick Me Up. Now in its third year Pick Me Up is an annual contemporary graphic art fair and festival, it showcases work from illustrators, graphic novelists, cartoonists, and graphic designers from around the UK.

The event was a feast for the eyes, I picked up a Peskimo print from Soma Gallery and a few comics and books from Nobrow.

It was great to see so much fantastic illustration in one place, I'm looking forward to next year already.