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Touchnote app

Touchnote is a free app for iOS devices that will allow you to create and send a real postcard to anyone in the world. The app is nicely designed and the easy to use, especially compared to the alternatives we tested. Making postcard out of your own photos makes them highly personal and they only cost $1.49, £1.49 or €1.49 for each card.

At ‘See what you mean’ we are thinking of using it for client contact, sending clients a postcard to touch base after meetings using a picture taken at the time.

Get Touchnote for Android, iPhone or iPad.

Animade - blog of inspirational animations

Animade love animation and make television commercials, video games and digital content. Their work is fantastic and even award winning, but they also have a blog of inspirational animations. 633 in total so far, a veritable treasure trove of quirky, strange, funny and beautiful works for your perusal.

Five deaths a day on British roads...

From 1999-2010 36,371 people died on the roads in Great Britain.
This compelling website from the BBC gives detailed information about every crash. The intro movie is nice and simple, interactive maps and 'did you know' sections has some amazing facts. Looks like an internal project from the Interactive team, good work BBC. Found via - Bradstockboys blog

Playstation Immersive Imaging

These 3 videos to promote the Playstation Video Store (created by Studio Output) use 3D projection mapping to create a constantly changing room.

All shot in one take they combining real-time tracking, projection mapping and augmented reality to create 'Immersive Imaging.' The Playstation Move controller is attached to the camera which enhances the effect of spatial deformation and perspective.

Watch all 3 videos on YouTube

The Art of Dancing

A great bit of Christmas fun from Lewis Bullock & Luke Bonner. Now in it's second year the art of dancing showcases the 'dancing delights of two deluded delinquents'. Be sure to check out last years too, 13 is a personal favourite.