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Beauty Of A Second short film contest

To celebrate the birth of the chronograph 190 years ago Mont Blanc have organised the 'The Beauty of a second' competition. Above is a video compilation of the 1st round.

The challenge is for people to create a beautiful one second video, which will be voted on and then a winner picked by Wim Wenders. The completion is open to all ages and skill levels.

You can also make a playlist from the submitted videos on the Mont Blanc one second micro site.

TapSense: Enhancing Finger Interaction on Touch Surfaces

Tapsense by Chris Harrison allows touch devices to distinguish between four types of touch input. This can allow for greater levels of functionality. Watch the video to see Tapsense in action, or read more detail on Chris' website.

Mince pie infographic

'See what you mean' are getting into the festive spirit, and of course that means tracking how many mince pies we are eating in the studio and creating a web based infographic.

The infographic uses HTML5 and Javascript to make the charts. Using jQuery visualize by filament group the code scrapes the data from HTML tables and generates a bar, pie or line chart. The generated charts are created using the HTML5 canvas element, this is advantageous over other charting options that rely on flash to draw the charts.

We also took advantage of using web fonts to add to the infographic aesthetic. We are using League Gothic from The League of Movable Type, and generated via font squirrel.

Add a splash of CSS and a few images and we're done, now we just need to eat some more pies.

Rip Curl - Mirage

Using an array of 30 GoPro HD cameras this video from Rip Curl and TimeSlice films captures surfers in 'frozen moments of time.' The effect is the same as used in the Matrix films, the surfers can be stopped in mid air and be seen from different angles.

See all the videos on YouTube including a behind the scenes video.