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NEW VENUE! - Mr Bingo & Amelia Johnstone

'See what you mean' presents an evening of splendid talks from 2 fantastic illustrators, Amelia Johnstone & Mr Bingo

4 October, 2011 - 19:00 at Tommy's Bar, Howard Gardens.

A free entry event, just turn up on 4th of October, in conjunction with the Cardiff Design Festival.

About the speakers
With themes of obedience and disobedience, light and dark, now and then and lastly when; Amelia Johnstone’s work continues to explore fairy tales, and growing as her Alice self, she is uncomfortable and constantly shifting perspective. Amelia aims to champion the discipline of illustration; its importance, significance, its impact and purpose. Amelia’s current practice hopes to enable the periscoped perspective, through teaching and storytelling; understanding the significance of interior monologue and illustration’s ventriloquistic (her word) abilities.
Mr Bingo didn’t learn a lot at school but he did discover one valuable thing. He was good at making people laugh. Mr Bingo spent most of his time at school drawing things for the amusement of his classmates. He still does this, but he his audience has grown a bit bigger. Working from his studio in East London, he now ‘draws stuff’ for a wide and diverse range of clients including The New York Times, The Mighty Boosh, QI, Microsoft, VW, Tate, Esquire, WIRED, The Guardian, MTV and Jimmy Carr. As well as illustrating, Mr Bingo regularly speaks at events on topics such as religion, the internet, dating, animals, art and terrorism.

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