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All is not lost

‘See what you mean’ have been enjoying ‘All is not lost’. Made as a show of support to the tragedy in Japan this humble messenger allows you to share your thoughts with the world. A clever partnership between music video mavericks Ok Go, Pilobolus, Trish Sie and Google Chrome Experiments Japan. Try the messenger here or watch the making of 'A message to Japan' here.

Touchy feeley in Frankfurt

‘See what you mean’ are just back from Frankfurt where we visited New Media Yuppies. Pioneering large format touchscreen and interactive concepts, an exciting company in an interesting space fusing a passion for gaming to the corporate world. We shared some insight and discussed how they see ‘Gamification’ playing an intrigual role in how we experience products and engage with our audience. Check out their website for more details. Btw. If you're in Frankfurt I wholly recommend a visit here and here.

Adobe Edge

New from Adobe Labs, Adobe Edge is an application for producing web based animations using HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript. It's very early days, Edge is currently only a preview but shows potential. The application UI will be familiar with users of After Effects and Premiere and shares some functionality. Creating an animation is really easy and quick, I re-produced our ‘See what you mean’ spinning card animation that was originally made After Effects. View the animation.

There are some criticisms with the application using divs for animation rather than canvas and svg, (you can import svg graphics) but future releases should sort this out.

Photomarathon 2011 exhibition

Here's a short promo we produced for our friends at Photomarathon. The 2011 Exhibition is on until the 21st of August, details here.