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US debt visualised

The huge sums of US debt can be hard to imagine, so helps by visualising the amounts in ever increasing piles of $100 bills. Ever wondered what $1,000,000,000,000 dollars looks like or even $15,000,000,000,000? Wonder no more, go check out

Angry birds live

After 2 months of viral activity Angry Birds Live has almost tipped 7m YT hits. A clever marriage of physical and technology, being used as a part of T Mobiles ‘Life is for sharing’ campaign.

Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi U.K. with Rovio, filmed in Barcelona. Nice behind the scenes here, plus an interview with Director Greg Brunkalla of Legs here.

The world's largest community for exploring, sharing, creating, and promoting data visualisations. Check out the video explaining the service, and visit the website for some great visualisations/infographics

The Joy of Stats

‘See what you mean’ throughly enjoyed Professor Hans Rosling present his documentary about statistics on BBC Four last night. It certainly is a joy to watch him speak and enthuse about data and information. His humour and energy is inspiring. Interesting piece on the guys behind San Francisco Crimespotting (worth a visit).

He used a great quote from a call recieved by a radio station during the last recession - 'In times like this when unemployement rates are up to 13%, and income has fallen by 5%, sucide rates are climbing. I get so angry that the government is wasting money on things like the collection of statistics.'

Available on iPlayer (in UK) or worth hunting via other means. See his Ted talks here. Genious!

3d Video with Kinect and iPad

There are some great Kinect hacks, but this is one of the best we've seen for a while. Laan labs uses the String Augmented Reality SDK to display real-time 3d video and audio recorded from the Kinect.

We especially like the star wars projection aesthetic. See the video on
vimeo and further details are on the Laan Labs blog

Google+ project

Google's foray into social networking has been unveiled and will be open to all soon. Google+ has a set of features Circles, Hangout, Instant upload, Sparks & Huddle that allow you to interact with your network of friends.

To explain these features Google has set up a great interactive tour website. With elements lifted from maps you can jump from feature to feature or zoom out to see the whole picture.

‘See what you mean’ are getting excited about the new HP TouchPad. Due out 20 of this month, featuring the all new WebOS, set to forge its own special groove in the market alongside Android Giants and of course the iPad 2. Above I've selected my favourite feature ‘Touch to share’, take a look at the video. There's a really nice summing up on, a great site well worth a visit.

Beautiful Slides

Check out these beautiful slides from Cannes Lions on Slide share, some great stuff in there. If you pay with a tweet you can download a PDF version. View more presentations from @JESSEDEE