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Thought leadership

Successful visual explanations often make the press. Some have become globally recocognised and received monster downloads. In celebration here's a short animation from ‘See what you mean’ with a few examples from our favourite thought leaders.

Credits & copyrights.
'Did you know 2.0'. Xplane, Dachis Group
'Changing Education Paradigms'. The RSA
The Crisis of credit visualised. Jonathan Jarvis.

Dark Matters

PHD presents 'Dark Matters - A Tales from the Road Comic.' It's a recording of a couple of guys (physicists Daniel Whiteson and Jonathan Feng) talking about dark matter and what physicists know and don't know, accompanied by a great animation. Dark Matters - Worth watching and checking out the pages drawn by Jorge Cham.

Making better presentations

Here’s a 1 minute pitch from ‘See what you mean’ about making better presentations.

Transformers 3 UI design

Dann Petty has published some of his user interface designs for the Transformers 3 movie site. The design has a dashboard aesthetic and pulls in feeds, movie etc, the globe is pretty sweet too. The film is released on the 29th June so not long until the design is brought to life.