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3D projection madness

One wall, 120 crew, six cranes, 10 cameras, 6 HD projectors a stuntman & a live audience!

No pressure... to pull off one minute of awesome projected madness. The lengths they'll go to to sell you a family hatchback... Direction, design, animation, music & composition by studio bread with flipevil

Green Screen Studio

At 'See what you mean', we've invested in everything you need to create high quality green screen video. To shoot with minimum perspective distortion, we use a Canon 550d with a 70mm lens; and our long, spacious studio really helps us to achieve this.

Thanks to Jo from our neighbours Acute Training Solutions for standing in on this test.

i3D app

i3D is a head tracking app that uses your iPhone/iPad 2 camera to create a simulated 3D experience. The app created by Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay is a free universal app in the app store. See the app on iTunes or watch a video of it in action on YouTube

Actionscript 3

The Soulwire blog houses some great AS3 interactive projects, from generative art to glitch machines.