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Tron Legacy (info)graphics

Josh Nimoy has posted a short overview of the infographic imagery created for Tron Legacy. You can also see a 'making of' on Digital Domains website, or check out a pretty comprehensive photo set of the effects created on flickr.

WVIL Camera concept

The WVIL camera is a concept camera envisioned by Artefact's award-winning design team. It answers the question: “what’s next for camera design?”

With a nod to Leica and Dieter Rams, the WVIL camera wows with it's body aesthetics and UI design.

The concept of having a wireless lens is really appealing and the use of a detachable display unit would open up the possibility of using an iPhone or similar.

See the camera in action on vimeo.

How do ideas achieve takeoff?

Interesting article by James Gleick on about Memes, and how ideas evolve. “Ideas have retained some of the properties of organisms. Like them, they tend to perpetuate their structure and to breed." Ideas have “spreading power, infectivity, as it were". Not just ideas, but songs, catchphrases and images.
“Survival of the fittest” is a meme that, like other memes, mutates wildly (“survival of the fattest”; “survival of the sickest”; “survival of the fakest”; “survival of the twittest”.
Ideas, like life in most species, are created in great profusion. But only a few go on to achieve take off.

Adobe Photoshop Touch Apps

Adobe has recently announced the Touch SDK preview for Adobe Photoshop CS5. The SDK enables applications on Android™, Blackberry, and iOS mobile and tablet devices to interact with Photoshop CS5.

Adobe has showcased 3 apps for the iPad (easel, nav & colour lava) on the Photoshop website. Also as the SDK is open to developers there should be many more applications in the near future. Download the SDKs from the developer website.

The Evolution Of Mobile

Cool video from Vodafone showing the evolution of mobile phones. Great use of 3D Projection Mapping too. Worth watching in HD.