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“Cure for the Common Font”

"Now that web designers suddenly face the challenge (and delight) of choosing fonts from an ever-growing selection, we thought it’s a good time to recommend some basic principles for making wise type choices."

This talk from SXSW features Frank Chimero, Tiffany Wardle, Stephen Coles and Jason Santa Maria. The slides and audio are up on, it's quite long but worth a watch.

(via swissmiss )

Online Marketing for beginners - zero to hero in 6 months

New to online marketing? Want to learn how to engage influencers on Twitter and captivate your Facebook audience? The Noob guide to Online Marketing might be just what you've been looking for.

The infographic is in two parts. Part 1 - ‘The wheel’ shows 50 tasks broken down into discipline, ready to check off once completed. Part 2 - ‘The timeline’, delivering a 6 month strategy plan to help even the newest of Noobs get going in the right direction.

Wheels and timelines a bit scary? For the cost of a tweet download a comprehensive 62 page guide. There's also a handy online guide from creator Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of

The FWA - What we award

After some confusion over the last few years The FWA have laid down a definitive list of ‘What we award’.

Founder, Rob Ford said ‘As the interactive world is evolving, so is FWA and we have put together a page that details exactly what we want people to submit. It includes new directions including the likes of installations.’

So check out the list and get submitting, you never know you too might join the ranks of previous winners to name but a few - North Kingdom, AKQA, Big Spaceship, ‘See what you mean’...

Having fun with 3D

We found Chris Labrooy, a UK based 3D artist through Looks like good design. He has some fantastic renders on the site, the Planes are great. Particluary love the type here and here and mini graphics are sweet. Contact Chris at

VW Innovations

Another example of augmented reality being put to good use, this time from Volkswagen. Their latest print ad allows you to test drive a car on your iPhone. See the ad and app in action or try it out for yourself.

Happy clients

It's great when a client thinks you've done such a good job they give you a case of wine to share with the team!

We've just delivered a rich picture for Wragge & Co - a top UK based Law Firm. It works as a backdrop to help them share their culture and vision across a rapidly growing organisation. The two senior partners used it at firm-wide forums, and we've been training the comms team to use it as an innovative intro to the company. So much better than boring old PowerPoint! It's really interesting to see how quickly a rich picture frees people up to tell more engaging and human stories about an organisation.