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Agent 008 Ball

Agent 008 ball is a great example of what is possible in today's web browsers. The game is built not using flash or silverlight but some javascript and html5. Gorgeous graphics are backed up by a James Bond-esque premise that adds to the overall experience.

It is also worth reading how the game was created on the blog

Bankers’ Bonuses. Good or evil?

Show us what you think.

Remember those sticker books you had as a kid?
Well, download this Bankers' Bonus rich picture (3Mb)
Take any of these cut-out images in PowerPoint; resize them, duplicate them.. abuse them in any way you want.. to create your own ‘rich picture’. You can add your own images, text ...anything goes!

We’re offering a bottle of champagne for the best one. Send it back to and we’ll publish the best ones at the end of Feb 2011.

Visual thinking

Great new video from the guys at Xplane – Gamestorming.
All about ways to make organisations think and work more creatively.
A mix of visual thinking, group psychology and action.
Ways to build ideas as a team, based around a common understanding.

Mini vs Monster in 3D!

Car manufacturers love to innovate with adventours marketing campaigns, well BMW are ahead of the game with the first Slow-Motion 3D commercial. Using 3D technology pioneered by MIT scientists, the 2 minute spot will pit a monster truck against four Minis. Will the monster truck be able to jump over all four Minis?

Set the air this week the teasers on Mini's YouTube channel are fun to watch. Will it make it? Stay tuned...

For you production geeks. The film was directed by Robert Jitzmark, who employed a crew of 120, including six 3D technologists and scientists who were on hand to calculate the truck's chances, and film with a 21st century 3D rig. The set required 30,000 cubic yards of sand to be imported and the entire shoot from preparation to jump took six days to complete. A mix of stadium lights and special helium-filled balloon lights helped enrich the 3D quality.

Spin London 360!

‘See what you mean’ have been enjoying London on the 360 Cities website. An interactive, zoomable 80 GigaPixel image fest, which streams images on demand. Check out the construction detail on the British Museum roof even see people on the London eye! Visit more cool places and spot stuff on the Treasure Hunts. You can find the 360cities Founder Jeffrey Martin answering questions on Quora. Just out of interest he mentions that he shot the London image on a Canon 550D, amazing quality. Image ©