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Christmas wallpaper

We're starting to feel festive here in the ‘See what you mean’ studio as we had a bit of snow and the mince pies are well stocked, so we figured we better make our devices festive too. Here is a wallpaper for your iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Branson’s pet ‘Project’ hits the iPad

‘See what you mean’ have been busy swiping through Project - Virgin's iPad magazine. This much awaited release had its publishers claiming that it 'will become the future of what we as readers expect from the magazines of tomorrow.'

In general the experience is quite engaging. A mixed bag of video, typography and interaction, some enriching the app others confusing and a bit annoying. It's also easy to get lost in directional swipes *sighs relief at multiple ‘Contents’ buttons*.

Photo quality is stunning and video playback good, although I found myself just looking at pictures and not doing much actual reading. Text is not scalable so sometimes small and lost.

Looking forward to seeing what issue 2 delivers, a promising start that might alienate some audiences with its navigation but excite the rest with deep content.