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Getting iPad Apps to clients - a step closer

iOS Wireless App Distribution

Restrictions on deployment from Apple have made us reluctant to sell our tools on the platform. It’s simple we can't deliver, there's no shop or platform for non-enterprise users outside of the AppStore. But undeterred and with a little help from Jeffrey Sambells, we've taken a step closer. ‘2 click’ download and install via www.

Specifically built for iOS v4 (publically coming this November), you can email a link, click and install our apps direct to your iPad.

We're still bound by developer programme rules (100 devices only, renewal date expiration, must know iPad IDs etc.), but once we automate the process, take it server side, we've only the small issue of App expiry to tackle... We'll keep you posted. O:)

I have PSD

As a daily Photoshop user it is sometimes hard to let go, if you have ever thought 'ctrl + z' in your head in an attempt to undo something in real life then this video will speak to you. I clearly have PSD.

It's a fun video with a nice stop frame animation feel made by Hyperakt, watch on vimeo.

How to Have an Idea

Great semi-sort of web comic by Frank Chimero about ideas, creativity, sense and nonsense. Excellent sketch style and some funny points.

iPad Presentations

We wanted to make the most of touch tablet technology like the iPad so we've built the software to create editable Rich Pictures. Powerful non-linear presentations.

The presentation is based around the 'Rich Picture' an engaging visual solution which summarises all the main issues in one image. You can build presentations using your own content. Import organise and manage images or video using albums your familiar with.

Its such a great presenting and developing platform. Deploying and installing these Apps for our clients is still tricky without having to use the public App store. So come on Apple, help us make this process much easier or customers are crying out for them...

Design Wars

Last night saw the 1st Design Wars event at Milgi. Design Wars follows on the heels of such events as Cut&Paste but adds a collaborative twist.
'Tag-Teams of multi-disciplined designers will take on a design challenge to illustrate, cut, paste and layout a design in a showcase to flex their design skills to the max'

The event was organised by BurningRed Studio as part of the Cardiff Design Festival 2010 and Ruffstylz from Associated Minds was on hand to keep our ears happy.

I went along to check it out, there was a great turn out and I ended up taking part. Each team was tasked to design some mock album cover art, the artist name, track name and design style were picked at random. Working in shifts of 5 minutes for a total of half an hour proved challenging, but good fun. Our team (dubbed 'falcon force five') somehow made it to the final and went on to win.

A great night and hopefully the start of more similar events. Check out some picutres from the night on Burning Red's flickr