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The Panic status board

Panic make software for the mac, good software, and their blog is interesting too. One of the posts that caught my eye is their custom status board. Like many studios keeping track on projects and who's working on what is of high importance. Many off the shelf solutions don't quite fit, so if your Panic you create your own solution. Full info on the spec can be found in the blog post, but it's the simplicity that wins me over, to instantly be able to see who's working on what is a massive boon.

2010 US military budget visualization

Paris based design, direction & motion graphics studio, Moustache delivers a CG data visualization piece to illustrate the 2010 US military budget. Simple concept that helps to visualise the large numbers of the US military budget. Worth checking out the rest of the Moustache site too.

iPad app distribution for SMEs

‘See what you mean’ has a problem, great B2B iPad content -
no way to deliver it internally!

The problem
1. Only 2 levels for commercial development - Standard & Enterprise
2. Standard - distribute through public App store or install 1 device at a time (up to 99)
3. Enterprise - ability to create apps to be distributed on an internal App stores but you need to be 500+ employees to join to program.

So as you can see there's a real barrier here for smaller teams of developers. We can't use the public app store, our clients content is way to sensitive and for a controlled audience. and there's no way we can install adhoc 1 device at a time... We can't expect our clients to sign up for enterprise and administer it on our behalf, some just aren’t large enough. We need to think about an alternative solution and fast. There are third party App stores out there (mostly for Enterprise Apps), but could we guarantee safety and security? Probably not...

The possibilities
1. A downloader App - Pros: Works like an App store, displays authorised content per user login. Cons: Getting any downloading app through the App store will face tough scrutiny by Apple
2. Web Apps - Pros: HTML/Java based, no App store requirement, shortcuts saved to home screen. Cons: requires 3G/wifi www connection to download content, no caching on i-devices.
3. Partner with Education - Sign up for a University Program... possibly percieved as not v. professional?

I’m sure we’ll get there, any thoughts welcome, we'll keep you posted
of our progress.


DanseDance is an interactive film where each object is assigned to a letter on the keyboard, and can be activated or deactivated at any time. The film was directed by Julien Valléem & Nicolas Burrows he has posted a 'making of' video on Great to see simple techniques being used to create something so complex.

The Clock Clock

The 'Clock Clock' from 'Humans Since 1982' a highlight of the 'Connectors' exhibit in the Phillips de Pury Gallery in the Saatchi Gallery, really stood out for us on our recent trip to London (see post). Check out their website and if you have a chance I highly recommend you visit it in real life, the Saatchi gallery is free entry and they're happy for you to take pics/videos. Copyright © Humans since 1982, Saatchi Gallery.

Immersive iPad Presentations

'See what you mean' are now producing interactive presentations for the iPad and iPhone 4. Porting our skills and knowledge at creating engaging Rich Pictures to this exciting new platform, we're discovering that the iPad is perfect for creating quick, immersive business to business tools on the go. Combined with the Apple VGA Connector, easily hook your iPad or iPhone to a tv or projector for a powerful 'Presentation in your pocket'. All built in Objective C, no Flash conversions so takes full advantage of the OpenGL video capability and APIs. To find out more email