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Finding inspiration

Thursday 24th saw the start of the annual D&AD New blood, so ‘See what you mean’ hopped on a train and went to London for a few days. The D&AD showcases the best final year graduates, this year it was housed in the Old Truman Brewery. Always inspiring to see the latest work from students, and this year was no different.

We also went to see the Magnificent Maps exhibition in the British Library. There is plenty to keep cartography fans interested and many of the maps have excellent illustrative elements. Read more about the exhibition on the British library site.
On then to the Saatchi gallery, the gallery houses an impressive collection of contemporary art work from largely unseen young artists or international artists whose work has not been exhibited in the UK. A fantastic space and worth a visit if you have never been.
After the art we went to the sobering Imperial War Museum which is home to an impressive collection of war memorabilia.
We finished the day off by joining the monthly Critical Mass cycle as they stopped to party in the street. Fixies everywhere!

A very inspiring trip, lots to take in and digest. Of course we all had a cameras/iphones, see what pics we took and find some inspiration too.

My Phone is off for you

"We may be sitting at the same table, but we are not together: a common condition of our over-wired world. It is time to question what truly nurtures the human spirit. MY PHONE IS OFF FOR YOU is a revolution; a series of tools designed to help engage in the present moment and spread this idea!"

The project includes some tools to help you such as stickers, stamps and a cloth that blocks your phone signal. With the launch of the new iPhone4 tomorrow maybe it's time to turn off (from time to time). Visit the
website for more info.

Public Sector Pensions

Lots of discussion in the press at the moment about public sector pensions. Here's a zoomable infographic we produced to illustrate the lack of balance between the public and private sphere. The financial value of the promises made to the public sector are quite remarkable.

Pilot Handwriting

Pilot have made a cool online app that captures your handwriting and turns it into a font. You have to print out a sheet, draw some letters, then capture it via webcam/scanner/camera. It works really well (tip: draw your letters nice and big). Once captured you can send a hand written email or post hand written notes to facebook.
Go make you own font on

Augmented Reality Gift Cards

The latest gift card from Home Depot allows you to attach a personal video for the receiver to watch. The card purchaser attaches the video and then the receiver can watch the video online through augmented reality. Check out a video of it in action on youtube and more info here

The iPad & Business - 1. Keynote

‘See what you mean’ have heard a few clients say 'I didn't think you could do worky stuff on the iPad?'. Although we're well under way developing for the platform we thought we'd share some 'how to's' using off the shelf products. First up Keynote. Available from the AppStore for £5.99. Take a look at the tutorial and you'll be up and running with a presentation in no time.

The SWYM iPad stylus challenge

‘See what you mean’ thought we'd test out a few different stylus options, not just throw money at the problem, there had to be stuff just lying around that would do the trick, you know recycle. Pez came top of the list with a banana in hot pursuit. Let us know what works for you, remember it must conduct electricity and earth through you...

The iPad - our first thoughts...

‘See what you mean’ have been playing with it for 2 days, its nice...

• Browsing - great in both orientations with fast pinch scaling and great readability, really feels like a new way to surf. Integrated HD Quicktime video is stunning. Shame no flash but let’s not go there...

• Apps glance - Keynote - we built a fully functional presentation that looked great on the 10" screen and is up and running quicker than you could get your laptop out of it skin. Wired - graphics are stunning, don't miss a paper copy. FT - lovely looking broadsheet style app, nice infographics (free for 2 months). Would love to see the likes of Cool Iris, Prezi come on-board but I'm starting on the whole flash thing again. Tweetdeck - nice, full screen handy columns.

Fast applications, intuitive functionality and importantly secure surfing. They mocked, called it a '£600 browser', the reality - we think it’s a brave step into the future. As long as you remember that it’s a mobile device not a laptop, you'll begin to appreciate it for what it is and the potential it has.

As far as b2b, it definitely has its place, we think it could help change the way our clients present. Mix the fast setup time (always being ready for that chance meeting), with crisp graphics & simple interactivity and you've an instant presenting platform. We've plans to develop for this device so we'll keep you posted. If you fancy a quick demo call in or drop us an email.

Note: It doesn't come with a case, headphones, cleaning cloth or even a calculator app! C’mon Apple... We bought the Apple case and although it was a bit pricey at £30 the fold out flap stand is really helpful.