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Thanks very much to the lovely Caroline Miller at Talking Issues for the tour yesterday. They produce the audio edition of The Economist. I really value The Economist – it’s such a great source of business insight, and has helped me out no end.
The audio version is an innovative addition – free to print subscribers. Recorded overnight on Thursday – and available to download early Friday – long before the snailmail version arrives on Saturday. Great for the car or Saturday morning mountain bike circuit. Listen to a sample here. Also available on iTunes.
They use a roster of voices, including many familiar from Radio 4.
Tone of voice and pronunciation is so important. We once commissioned a New York studio to voice a promo for EADS for the US market. He kept on saying E A..(pause) D S. – and couldn’t understand our requests for an evenly distributed E A D S. We even sent him a diagram! Here’s his response.

Image bookmarking with Flickr and Cooliris

We use delicious to store bookmarks at 'See what you mean' and think it works well, one major drawback is the lack of image support. Looking for a link you saved often involves using keywords or going through bookmarks one by one. A time consuming task.

Surely it could be easier... surely it could be more visual.

Of course there are visual bookmarking sites, such as and Both are great but neither meet all our requirements. We wanted the ability to have multiple contributors, store images in categories, add information and browse the images with ease.

After a little experimentation, we put together our own, using flickr and Cooliris. Flickr provides the ability to add images, categorise, add information and can be updated by multiple people. We Know flickr provides a decent way of browsing images through slideshows, but we still wanted something a little better, this is where cooliris comes in.
Cooliris is a browser plug-in that enables you to view images from certain sites on a 3D wall. We like its ease of use, and on our 30" widescreen displays you can see a lot of information at once. Now cooliris has a developer version too, this means you can make galleries from a media rss or a flickr account. A bit of simple coding later and we have cooliris pulling images from our flickr sets and displaying them on a cool 3d wall.

It's really easy to use too. Find an image, add it to flickr (we use the uploadr app) and it automatically shows on the 3d wall.
Have a look at our wall of illustrators.

Literally Live Pictures

Here's an interesting approach to live art. Artist Alexa Meade turns the models into the art by painting directly onto them, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

This is Real Art have made a series of information shorts for Astra, the European satellite manufacturer. The films explain in simple terms how satellites work and will be used for education & marketing. With a simplistic style and a old educational video feel the shorts are informative but never patronising. There are 7 films in the series, which can be watched here.
(Via CR Blog)

Google facts and figures (massive infographic)

There is no denying that Google is a pretty interesting company, found Google interesting enough to put together this massive infographic. All the information for the infographic was gathered from SEC fillings and wikipedia, our favourite bit of information is that new Google employees are called a 'Noogler'
View the Google facts and figures infographic.