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Tableau Public

Tableau software recently released a data visualisation application, Tableau public. The app enables you to create interactive bar charts, maps, pie charts etc and share them or embed them in your website. With the various chart formats and the ability to create dashboards, tableau public is a powerful tool for displaying your data. The software is available as a free download from the tableau website.

Interactive Art

If you’re into multimedia go see the DECODE exhibition at the V&A. All digital, mostly interactive.. and great fun. Lots of kids exclaiming in delight – not many exhibitions you can say that about! Who’d want static pictures on the wall at home – when you can have this stuff. Looking forward to the wider development of multi-touch screen technology.

Met with Reality Digital last week. They have a great way of creating ‘consumer advocates’. Reality Digital provide the tools for Brands to share cool video content with users and let them mash it online to create their own versions. Then post it to You Tube, Facebook etc. Easy. The tool can embed an advert in the video.

Typically for every one person that makes a video, it brings another ten people to the Brand site. Great success stories for HP, Pepsi, NFL and Rockstar games.

The aim used to be to capture customer email addresses for future mailings. But the trend is to accept Facebook Connect anonymous login – encourages massive viral take-up among a guaranteed live audience.

Rethink scholarship!

‘See what you mean’ are loving this piece from Canadian Agency Rethink Communications. A beautifully crafted call-for-entries - the introduction to the scholarship process in 2010 for Langara College in Vancouver. Using all the paper tricks in the book (no pun intended) and simple, brilliant ideas, it's a source of inspiration for a budding audience and has an ' I could do that' feel. Check out more of Rethinks work here. Cheers to Stuart Neil for the link.

How Will You Manage?

A nice piece of video infographics from our friends at XPLANE. Put together for Kronos Workforce Management, mixing Stats, Illustrations and video it does a nice job of looking at an ever changing workforce and their relationships with technology and location. If you'd like to dig a little deeper here's a brief description of the process and development with the client.