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This space needs filling...

In Cardiff Bay agency, over the college easter break. Not just industry experience, but a space, in a creative environment for a talented motion/graphics student. Get in touch

45 sec promo for recent 4G project

Here's the promo cut of a recent 'hot' ‘See what you mean’ project. Commissioned by Alcatel-Lucent, featuring the very cool 9907 RDN - a 4G Wireless in a box.

The brief: Deliver a compelling presentation tool which not only showcases the product, its capability and unique engineering breakthroughs, but allows the viewer to easily relate to it's applications in the field.

‘See what you mean’ used video, sound, 3D and most importantly, 'real-life' story-telling, through interactive scenarios to help the presenter explore sales opportunities and start the conversation.

Feltron | Annual Report of 2009

Nicolas Feltron's annual reports are always eagerly anticipated here at 'See what you mean' so his fifth instalment couldn't come soon enough. The data for the 2009 report was gathered from the people Nicolas encountered, they were asked to complete an online survey and that information forms the report. The report is available for pre-order in the Feltron shop.

Interactive Institute Sweden

An interesting approach from the Interactive Institute in Sweden to the website and content. With up-to-date project roll and nice easy to read case studies for projects. Some really intuitive project content from energy consumption to videos that beckon a user interaction. Enjoy a look around and be inspired by some of the ideas and messages. Thanks to @apolaine for the link

Where Does My Money Go?

Using analysis and data visualisation Where Does My Money Go? represents a milestone in the UK's transparency movement. From Iconomical who are helping 'make your data an easily accessible information resource which everyone will want to explore.' The 'Long-term trends' button is well worth exploring.

Maciej's magical Cardiff

Don't live in Cardiff? Thinking about moving here?? Want a sneak peak at what's in store on a typical Welsh night out, then take a look at these fantastic shots from local student Maciej Dakowicz . If you scare easily or are offended by litter look away now...