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'Zoomable' infographics

Here’s our version of an online ‘zoomable’ infographic. It works a bit like Google maps – you can zoom in, move around, zoom back out. There’s also a menu option – so that you can schedule a route through – a bit like Prezi. Makes it really easy to present a large infographic story from a laptop.

Natural Re-sasters

Natural Re-sasters is a video short that takes a look back at the year
2067, when man learned how to re-channel energy from natural disasters plaguing the earth.

The short was for the Challenge Your World 2009 "Video Challenge" and scooped the people's choice award. The piece tells an interesting story aided by some great infographic styled animations. Full video credits here, & high res video here

Farewell to facial hair...

Movember draws to a close and the 'hardcore' at ‘See what you mean’ bid farewell to the facial hair they've become so fond of.

Thanks to all the support and contributions via the Donations page, helping raise the global awareness of Prostate Cancer. So until next year...