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We've a talented graduate recently join ‘See what you mean’. Ole, a Norwegian Graphic Designer with a passion for info-graphics. He's been charting his Roadtrip using this interesting map.

'It started as a tool for keeping track of costs, an overview of a roadtrip from Norway to England and back. Key data such as cost, distance and time are presented in various ways to create a rich data log, without using pictures.'


Machniarium is the latest game fresh from Amanita Design. In a vast wilderness of spare parts and rusty bolts guide your new best friend, a little stretchy robot, through a labyrinth of beautifully painted landscapes and puzzles. Demo to play online or a snip to buy at £12.50!

The Editors 'Mash-up' Google Street view...

A unique promo concept from brit band The Editors, celebrating the release of their new album. Appearing to 'hack' Google Street View with a nice Mash-up, streamed audio and some lovely night time photography, its definitely worth a view. For a sound explanation and video read more on Creative Review (original source @gluelondon/@nickin00)

and the winners are...

After battling fierce competition to the shortlist ‘See what you mean stumbled slightly drunkenly to receive the coveted 'Interactive Design Award' at the Cardiff Design Festival 09. We couldn't be prouder of the hard work everyone put into our entry BBC Worldwide ‘Big picture’, a big congrats to the crew, here’s to 3 in a row next year!

How does the internet see you...

We've all wondered what our namesakes are up to out there. Enter your name and Personas an interesting visualiser by Aaron Zinman, a PhD Student @MIT, scours the web recording digital histories in an attempt to characterise a person via an algorithmic process. The techniques uses Data mining to sought through vast publicly accessible information repositories such as Yahoo, Face book & Blogger. This technique is actually what Google uses to make the Internet searchable!

Learn something every day

'See what you mean' have been enjoying this lovely little site from cargo collective offering a unique educational service, where else can you find out when its 'International Talk like a Pirate day'...