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Hellman's: Eat Local. Eat Real.

We are enjoying watching this infographic animated movie for Hellman's that highlights the issues around food importation for their Hellman's Eat Local, Eat Real campaign. With lovely infographic elements springing up around the food, and even some stop frame animation, it's worth watching.
Watch the spot in quicktime. Read about the design process on the Glossy project page

Holding out for a Hero...

We love our iphones, life wouldn't be quite the same without it, but there's a new kid on the block... The 'Hero' from HTC. The first Android based smartphone with a full-featured mobile browser that displays the Flash platform. See what Adobe have to say...

Ready for release in Europe at the end of the month, ahead of releases in Asia & US, the mobile backroom giant HTC are now making a name for themselves as a key player at the forefront of the mobile technology experience.

Featured in the latest Economist (interesting read btw), and with a nice experience website (take a look at the tour), the interactivity looks quite compelling and a customisable user experience is high on the agenda. Definitely worth checking out.

Never lose a file again...

So we've got a cool tool for presenting, the See what you mean ‘BigPicture’. You can attach your files to any of the scenes, put them wherever you like and keep them all nicely organised. But how do you remember where you left them? Well help is at hand, we've just added a funky link list tool. It displays all the files you've linked to your presentation, lets you jump straight to it and view or just reminds you where you left it for editing. A part of the 'widget' approach we're adopting for our admin system, helping the user build that perfect presentation.

What a year...1969...

From Woodstock to Sesame Street, the NYTimes - interactive 1969 charts one of most eventful years in history. Easy to use, simple typography, liking the little pics shows and videos. Interesting concept with lots of applications.

We choose the moon

A lovely site utilising the extensive Presidential archive of sound, video and images from the historic Apollo 11 mission. Bringing it together in real-time as a sequential 'as it happened' story with staged entries is a really nice touch. Created by Domain Studios and The Martin Agency.

The Largest Bankruptcies in History

Just stumbled across this great infographic (by always with honor & Good magazine ) visualising the largest bankruptcies in history. Using sinking boats to represent the companies, size to show the assets & colour for the sector the company was in. We love how effective the visual is, and also that the visuals aid the processing of the information. Exactly what we like to see in infographics. Click to see more infographics from always with honor & Good magazine.