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I've seen enough

Cold war kids latest video 'I've Seen Enough' (directed by Sam Jones) has gone interactive. There are 4 distinct versions of the track played by the bands 4 members. You can mix and match instruments as you so wish, you can even turn off members of the band too. Each different style is colour coded so you can see how it should all match up if you want, this also allows some simple infographics (click the fan favourites button) to show the most popular arrangements. A simple concept that works really well and is worth playing around with.


Your website on You Tube.... a fresh approach to choosing a platform for your website from this off the wall agency. Why not get You Tube to host it for you and supply all the stats FOC. Constructed using the 'Annotations' feature in YT, where you can link to other YT content (at the moment), its a neat trick. Clever thinking, with some lovely storytelling, which I'm sure will be copied to hell. Loving the gratuitous shooting of poor Billy in the intro, who says you can't have a bit of blood on your website... enjoy O:)

Beatles Rockband - What an Intro!

The intro for Beatles Rockband has to be one of the most beautifully crafted game openers I think I've ever seen. Produced by Passion Pictures (Directed by Pete Candeland whose been responsible for some amazing works including the BBC Journey to the east and the Gorillaz music videos). The upcoming game out in August available on major platforms (game trailer). ‘See what you mean’ are looking forward to trying the game out, there's a few Beatles fans here - we've got a John, a George and a Paul - anyone want to be Ringo??? Anyone...

BBC Worldwide

‘See what you mean’ are launching a new promo shortly so keep popping back and make sure you don't miss it O:)

DNA Infographic

How do you get your work noticed?
Gartner were asked to report of the use of DNA in the Criminal Justice system. We created this infographic to visualise the process. It’s easy to have a conversation in front of a picture like this. It helps build a common understanding throughout an organisation. Everyone can see all the issues in context.
The result? It’s been shared well beyond the range of a typical report, for discussion and training, and our client’s valuable insight has been more widely recognised.

Our client said ‘The infographic provided an excellent briefing tool… What was usually a 40 minute presentation with 20 slides could now be undertaken in 10 minutes with a single view. It captured the imagination of the stakeholders and provided them with an enduring visualisation that will outlast the slide deck on the ‘C-drive’ and made available to the whole enterprise, creating a powerful and effective means of communication to a far wider audience than is possible with traditional documents and presentational material’.

xixi no banho

xixi no banho is an excellent website that is asking people to pee in the shower to save water. The site is in Portuguese but you can grasp the basic messages. The real star of this website is its graphics, the hand drawn style is used really well and the animations are great, right down to the loading numbers. There are even graphs and charts to satisfy our infographic cravings.

Dynamic Data Visualisation

We're suckers for a well designed interface here at ‘See what you mean’ add some lovely graphs and charts to that and we're sold. So it's no surprise that we are enjoying using RoamBi on our iPhones. RoamBi allows you to view interactive visualisations of your data on your iPhone in a pie chart, graph, card file, or list format. Once your signed up on their website you can upload data from Excel,, WebIntelligence and Crystal Reports, and once uploaded the data gets pushed to your iPhone for you to view. The simplicity of RoamBi was instantly impressive, within minutes of signing-up and downloading the free iPhone app (iTunes link) I was viewing my own data. If you dont have an iPhone you can still try the app in the iPhone simulator on the RoamBi website.

Virtual worlds

‘See what you mean’ have been enjoying the stunning Aerial Views of NYC from PixelCase. Yes QTVR has been with us for ages and we all loved it, it was amazing - just like being there! But this is nicer. With beautiful fluid movement and even a lens flare, this is an exciting way to deliver high quality images and potentially video. It just needs to be pushed further, I imagine combine it with web 2.0 data and the world would be your virtual oyster!