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Ever wondered what to do in an earthquake? Well QuakeQuizSF might be able to help. Made by "I shot him because I loved him, damn him." (Yes that's really their name), QuakeQuizSF lets you explore different environments and see what you should do during an earthquake.
The whole interactive piece has a clean, infographic design that is reminiscent of aeroplane safety instructions, the simplicity of information means the main points are forced home and users aren’t overwhelmed.

This spot for Sprint came out a few weeks back, and is in the same vein as previous spots for Sprint by Superfad, and shares some elements from the 'Plug into now' dashboard. We love the infographic elements and the pace of the voiceover with expertly timed punch lines. The whole spot is super slick and paced to perfection - worth a couple of views. (via Motionographer)

zoom zoom

We have been trying out Prezi (a zooming presentation editor) here at See what you mean. Prezi enables you to zoom in, play videos and animate which makes for a very different online presentation exprience from the likes of powerpoint. Prezi really needs to be seen in action to fully understand how it works, luckily you can use the showcased examples on the Prezi website to see for yourself.