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BMWs Augmented experience

Another augmented reality marketing campaign hits the streets. This time for BMWs z4. A little long winded as you have to print out your identifier, then install a PC only app... but it was fun. I wheeled around the studio on my chair and the marker held out till about 12ft so I guess the webcam on the macbook (running XP via dual boot) is pretty hot. Good fun, nice concept but takes a while to get a result, is hard to control and hold the marker and the flash web based GE promo (see Feb posting) was much stickier. Have a play its an experience.


Just stumbled across this great animated short by Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple). The short allows you “watch the American housing market spiral out of control”, with a cool low poly 3d style and lovely animations its worth a watch. We especially love the way the houses build and then deconstruct. Watch Subprime

Big Picture – better stories

The Cluetrain Manifesto says that business is a conversation… and we’ve been developing the ‘Big Picture’ as a visual tool to help our customers embrace that approach.

We work with you to develop a clear understanding of your pitch – and then we build a layered interactive visual story – which you can unfold in different ways with different customers. It’s like a visual journey through your business - that helps you reach a common understanding.

It’s amazing how quickly it works, because everything is summarised in one powerful and persuasive visual infographic. We’ve completed ‘Big Pictures’ for Atos Origin, Atradius, BBC Worldwide, Chelsea FC and EADS– with lots of new projects launching soon.

Philips 21:9

Here at ‘See what you mean’ we're loving this spot & microsite for the new Philips new cinema TV by Stink Digital. Directed by Adam Berg the spot is an epic cops and robbers shootout which runs on an endless loop with hotspots to delve into additional content along the way. We also like the fact that the microsite’s loader doubles as a credit sequence - very clever. See the director's cut (with the option off full screen)

HD Quicktimes from an SLR... are you mad....

‘See what you mean’ have just completed a few shoots for our up-coming 'The Big Picture' promo. We had the pleasure of trying out the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II (some tech stuff here), no tapes, all digital video files and more importantly, making use of those lovely SLR lenses. Check out these full frame stills.

Full HD video capability 1920x1080, 30 fps, H264 QT to compact flash card. With a maximum of 14 minutes shoot time (for legal reasons - Is it a still or a video camera...), we had plenty of time to capture what we needed.

Plans for next time. Bypass the card and the H264 and capture via HDMI through our Black Magic Decklink HD card saving as PhotoJpeg Avi's. Should provide an even better colour result and allow for more accurate on screen matching. This will also eliminate having to do the whole shoot crouched behind the little 3" LCD display, not great when dollying... Also need to play with the fps as it defaults to 30fps and we use 25 of course. Great kit though and more to come. Watch out for the promo coming really soon.

New site from Big Spaceship

So its landed, the new site from Big Spaceship. Creators of some of the most engaging flash experiences for movies and games, the new site has a really interesting layout and supply of content. Like many agency sites, they're keen to utilise the key online community drivers, embedding Vimeo movies, linking to Flickr galleries and twitter. With a very 'Blog-it' feel the site is easy to navigate and filter. A nice approach, with a great shelf life and multi-user contribution.

Lets paint with Ben...

Promoting their latest range of new funky colours US paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore has produced this fun little site . Sweet bit of lite community posting, pick a word, pick a colour and add a story. Nice fun little project, with lively animations and interesting typography, enjoy O:)

Web Trend Map 4

‘See what you mean’ are loving the Web Trend Map by iA. The fourth iteration in the series, the Web Trend Map is a large information picture styled like a metro map that shows the most important websites and the most influential web people.

See the full size beta version on flickr