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Have you ever wondered what your happiness would look like in visual form? (nope, we haven't either). Built by Gringo, using Away3d (A realtime 3d engine for flash) Happyme lets you roam a small colourful world as a 3d character. As you explore you will find various ways to customise your character, change its skin colour, face, clothes etc. There are also the options to make some computer wallpapers of your character or even download a pdf and construct a paper model of it. Cute and quirky - just the way we like.


Designed and developed by Small Batch Inc. Wikirank shows you what people are reading on Wikipedia, it reveals emerging trends, and lets you embed relevant charts in blog posts and on social media sites. The homepage shows you what has been most popular over the last 30 days, and also the days 'biggest movers' in the Trending Topics section. We love the ability to compare the popularity of articles against one another, all displayed in nice and simple graphs.

Join us

We have some exciting projects coming up and are looking for a new designer to join our team. Full details are available here. If you think you fit the bill, or if you know of someone that does then get in touch.

a glimpse ahead...

Microsoft worked with Seattle based Oh, Hello and director Mason Nicoll to bring this fantastically slick vision of the future to life. We especially love the UI design used throughout the video, and some of the great touches like the coffee mug. The UI design used in the video is apparently already fully realized by the Microsoft Office labs team, but it was brought to life with a lot of rotoing, stabilizing, tracking, painting, animating, and comping by Oh, Hello

TimeSpace: World

Here at ‘See what you mean’ we are big fans of interactive information graphics, which means we think TimeSpace is great. Built by the Washington Post's 'Web Ninjas,' TimeSpace is an interactive map that allows you to navigate articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe. The project displays content from multiple sources in space (via a map) and time (via a timeline). With the ability to view the news as it appeared at different points over previous hours and days, you can see how news events unfolded over time, which is why it has been dubbed a 'news time machine.'


Currently doing the rounds at ‘See what you mean’ is this great ‘SixthSense’ video. ‘SixthSense’ is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. Costing a mere $350 the prototype comprises of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera, all hooked up to a mobile computing device. We love the neat little touches like drawing a circle on your wrist to find out the time, and taking photographs by making a frame with your fingers.

Putting information at your fingertips... quite literally!

Hyundai: Edit your own

Rich from ‘See what you mean’ is at the social networking worldforum, and has sent through some great links. First up is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe website, built by Reality Digital

Opening with the coupe doing a lap on a racetrack, you can add multiple camera views and take screen shots (that appear in the gallery section) should you so wish. Then, just in case that wasn't enough, the site offers you the chance to make your own edit from the footage. Using Adobe Premier Express allows uses to pick from multiple clips, angles, graphics, transitions, music etc all to piece together your own video. The Premier Express interface is clean and simple, even video editing novices will be making movie in a matter of moments. Once your masterpiece is complete you can save it to re-edit later or share it with others.

Urban touchability

I was reading recently about CityWall on spacecollective (Project Polytopia - I love spacecollative btw). Its a public multitouch install in the centre of Helsinki (Youtube link - dodgy music), an interesting urban setting designed and constructed by HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology), funded by the ipcity Programme. We're seeing tons about multi-touch & Surface and as clients are more and more aware of iphones etc. its profile is beginning to rocket. The social interaction and contribution is really interesting with this install.

The hardware is pretty cool though, check out MultiTouch, the solutions guys, nice modular cells that make up almost configuration. Time for a 6m long Big picture I think! Note to interface designers: The cold reality of urban install users can be experienced here - actually I think he's quite good at it - try designing with him in mind...

A skittletastic idea...

Now here's an interesting idea. Make a quirky little interface, float it over a few websites, and hook all your online content together. That's what Skittles are doing and isn't it clever... From YouTube to Twitter, their whole community at your fingertips. Opting against a flashy 3D adventure through Skittleland its a fresh and cost effective approach and why not! Some interesting legal sign-ups, and you're reliant on other peoples intermittent servers but good stuff.

Film the blanks

A bit of Monday fun, film the blanks is 'an ongoing experiment in deconstructing and abstracting film posters.' Breaking the posters down into a simplified form makes guessing the film a fun challenge, there is also the promise of prizes for correct answers.