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Sony & Fallon have launched their latest ad for the Sony Bravia.
The new spot focuses on motion and the Bravia's new Motionflow technology, so to highlight this Fallon built the world's largest zoetrope. You can watch the spot on and you can see lots of behind the scenes bits on flickr

Starbucks coffee at home

Produced by Your Majesty, 'Starbucks coffe at home' is a charming website to promote Starbucks new range of coffee blends. The flash based site allows you to explore the coffees and find your ideal blend - all accompanied by some lovely illustrations & typography.

If the Pharaohs had phones...

We enjoyed & blogged about Superfad's animation work for Sprint all the way back in April last year. But we somehow missed this 'Pyramid' video. Boasting the same great 3d animation & graphics, but with more humour than the other 3 spots, makes this a ‘See what you mean’ favourite.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

‘See what you mean’ are loving this gem of an animation by Jonathan Jarvis. Beautiful animated infographics explain the complex credit crisis in an easy to digest & friendly manner. Watch on in vimeo, even better in HD.

What is information?

‘See what you mean’ having been watching this charming spot from Maya Design. A short infographic film about the concept of information and how we sometimes confuse the medium with the message. With some great graphics and simple animation it's worth a watch.

Love is in the air

A special valentines themed post today.
'I love you more than _____' is a new project from Paperwhite Studio.
Departing from valentine clichés it asks users to submit the things they are willing to put in second place for love. It makes for some amusing reading with entries such as "I love you more than I love The Wire." & "I love you more than bubble wrap."
Visit the 'I love you more than _____' website to participate.

House of cards

Richard from ‘See what you mean’ recently came across the Adobe Cards piece. Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners it was used to promote CS3, even though it was made using Cinema 4D. It has done the rounds before but is defineitely worth another watch.

3...2...1 Blast off

Bored of facebook status updates, twitter not cutting the mustard? How about sending a message into space? A group of students at Hyper Island in Stockholm came up with this innovative project as a unique method of self promotion. Visit the 'Space is the Limit' site and you can submit your message to the project, then come April all the messages will be loaded into a rocket and sent into space.

Augmented Friday...

Whilst checking out the new GE microsite 'Imagination at work' (beautiful 3D btw), we came across this Augmented Reality demo via the Navigation at the bottom. If you've not checked out AR (Wiki description) its great fun, loads on YouTube about it. Anyway, this site is a joy in itself but to find a cool little AR section was just the icing on the cake. So run off & print out the Marker Panel and end your Friday with some webcam fun O:)

Playgrounds without hoodies...

'Welcome to Your Playground' is a charming online experience for Allstate and the US Olympic Committee has ‘See what you mean’ building the parks of the future. A lovely illustration style, created by Leo Burnett's Chicago Offices, looks like more and more people are trying to visualise the 'Big Picture' in style and story. Link - FWA.

Stop frame elegance

Richard from ‘See what you mean’ came across this wonderful stop frame music video featured on Digital Stew. The track 'Her Morning Elegance' by Israeli musician Oren Lavie (website - myspace) from his debut album 'TheOpposite Side of Sea'.

Directed by the musician & friends with what looks like a small crew, this fabulous film is a real joy to watch, and something to admire. Would love to find out more about the shoot, time it took etc. The track was was actually chosen to feature on a US Chevrolet TV commercial.