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Iconwerk updates

A new year and lots of new icons courtesy of Stefan Dziallas at Iconwerk. A sleek minimal site houses his equally sleek and minimal icons and picotgrams. We love the simplicity of the icons, and how effortlessly they comunicate their purpose to the user. Definitely one for the ‘See what you mean’ bookmarks.

Chelsea FC's new kit - presentation kit that is...

‘See what you mean’ have recently delivered a Modular Presentation system for Chelsea FC incorporating our new 'Drag & Drop' facility.

Based around a Rich picture linking to strategic images, the presenter can take the viewer on a unique journey through Sponsorship - its rewards and benefits. The Modular system empowers the user to add their own content to any slide and create a unique and customer branded experience.

We added a funky video library, utilised the vast picture library to create some impressive loops and even simulated logos appearing on pitchside LED boards! All the dynamic content is controlled through a neat database admin system, accessible on the fly. Drop us an email if you fancy finding out more or call Richard on 02920 480 400 - exciting stuff!

Smashing wallpapers

Came across this nice piece on Smashing Magazine 100 (Really) Beautiful iPhone Wallpaper. A great collection designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. Enjoy and I'm sure you'll find something you like O:)

Stuck for a colour? go visit kuler...

‘See what you mean’ have been back to see how Kuler from Adobe has been getting on. A few updates and it was nice to re-visit this beautifully engineered colour picker. The 'Upload a picture' feature is really sweet, the AIR desktop is neat and check out 'Pulse' the interface is really pretty. The community is growing well and the vast themes just get better and better. There is a Kuler extension available within CS4, not sure about mobile - I'm sure it will happen??? Have fun.

Your life in data

Ever the lovers of clean info graphics, ‘See what you mean’ have been enjoying a home for collecting and communicating your daily data. Made by Graphic designer Nicholas Felton & Interactive designer Ryan Case, Daytum allows you to collect and track information of your choosing. From tracking who makes the most tea in the office to recent films you have watched, and all displayed in some smart looking graphs and charts. Currently in Beta and with new features added on the way Daytum offers a new perspective on your daily routines.

Seadragon goes Mobile...

‘See what you mean’ have been playing with the ground breaking 'Deep zoomer' on the iphone and it doesn't disappoint. Best through wifi, but 3G working well, the demos just scratch the surface of this powerful hand held technology. Rich Pictures like you've never seen them on the way!!! Get it FREE via the itunes Apps store or the livelabs site. Here's a you tube (skip the beginning).

Up a ladder making 'Rich Pictures'

‘See what you mean’ are working on an exciting project for a cool client - a clickable, file-linkable Rich Picture which takes you on a journey through the outsourcing model.

Lots of scenes mostly 3D environments - all they need are some people! As 3d folk just don't cut the mustard we plumped for an isometric photography challenge. A large cast, 24 models a real mix. Each model was photographed from high above, to match our 3D and directed to perform a set of pre-determined and improvised actions.

With such an extensive catalogue, we've sorted and meta tagged using Adobe Bridge® so we can easily search, collate and composite the perfect scene.

A budding 'iApp-er' must have

‘See what you mean’ came across this very handy little PSD file for iPhone App Development, a complete named layered Photoshop file with a ton of editable vector content with layer effects. Great stuff thanks Teehan+LAX.

A day in the life - Feltron Eight Report

Data vacuum Nicholas Feltron has recently published this beautiful report based on data from each waking moment. Logging everything from walking to drinking mint tea the report is a info graphic feast and a visual treat.