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The Brand Gap

If you've not read Marty Neumeier - The brand gap, then take a look at his presentation of slideshare. A simple visual presentation, from the principles in the book, but a great example of the power of message and image - with simple explanations. Sometimes frank but always poignant - dip in and out of, handy for clients... Nice find Richard.

Video Mapping - free your imagination!

We found some interesting links on Fubiz this week, some of the best ideas and application being the Video Mapping from We're loving the masking and powerful HD projections. Especially enjoying the features in the showcase which explore projecting onto specific surfaces, the TV spilling out for example. Nice stuff, some cool motion easywebs' site.

Ikea - Lets Dance!

Although still demoing Matt from ‘See what you mean’ got his eyes on the latest IKEA flash site. Another superbly filmed production from the team, this time with music playing a key role in the interaction. The sets almost become irrelevant as the action hinges around the kooky characters and your choice of music played/uploaded or keyboard action. Nice stuff, I'm not encouraged to build flat pack furniture but I like to watch Mexican wrestlers jumping around!

Take it to go with Sprint

‘See what you mean’ are enjoying Sprint's lovely widgetty website promoting mobile surfing. An assortment of interesting facts and figures beautifully composed using neat info graphics. A feast for the eyes and mind, especially on a nice big screen. In the time it took to write this post 2521 babies were born...