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we ♥ infographics

‘See what you mean’ are loving the August/September issue of IdN magazine. Taking the theme - ‘we ♥ infographics’, its all about what we love to do the most - bringing dull and boring data to life.

Featuring print from inspirational info-designers around the world such as: Catalogtree, Lamosca, Polar, SPVZ and Troikart, and motion graphics highlights from music videos to big-screen opening-titles. Spotlight on 4 creative studios that have had extensive experience with ‘infomotion’: H5 (Royksopp vid from 2002), Impactist, Pic Agency and Süperfad. The best mag out at the moment and a must read for info designers everywhere - go get it!

Day 2 - Get out drawing!

Photo-snapping in the bay I met a group of eager students studying a National Dipolma at the Art Centre, Coleg Morgannwg, Nantgarw. Day 2 on the course they've been brought down to the bay, split into small groups and tasked with drawing a section of the panorama. Each group draws the scene directly in front of them, swapping positions in the group and finishing bits someone else has started. The ending result when all the groups are added together is a 360 degree sketch.

Its easy to forget the pleasure you can get from drawing and the importance of developing a love for it from the start is essential. I really enjoyed seeing the talent on show, to us sketching is a really enjoyable part of creating Rich Pictures. The groups were having a great time working on their masterpieces and what a way to get to know your new class mates. Great idea from the staff, they were really involved and deserve a round of applause!

The writing's on the wall - in e-ink!

So is it the end of the simple printed advert, the beginning of electronic futuristic magazines, or an expensive little gimmick! Esquire has designed an e-ink cover that will flash the words, “The 21st Century Begins Now”. It all displays from an e-ink display attached to the cover, with a car ad on the flip side. 100,000 of the total 720,000 print run will be assembled by hand. Esquire even had to design a battery (a “six-figure investment”) that was small enough to fit into a magazine and keep things running until the mags are sold. The batteries will last for 90 days. Techie buffs can read more here, whilst the rest of us just use our imagination!

Google Chrome - Streamlined, Simple & Open!

Tomorrow will mark the launch of Google's shiny new open Source browser 'Google Chrome'. The beta will be on release for download (more on the blog), so be sure to check it out. The ‘See what you mean’ team are itching to get their hands on it, we've got high hopes. Aiming to set new benchmarks on performance, application handling and usability for the next generation of web apps - all this and its powered by V8 there new Javascript engine, should be fun...

In the meantime take a look at the features and benefits of Chrome in the lovely google book Comic strip illustrated by Scott McCloud, a legend in illustration - its quite long but has some real drawing jems. Note to self: must do a Rich Picture with Scott McCloud....