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‘See what you mean’ sign for Chelsea!

Chelsea FC is our latest client to embrace the Interactive Rich Picture sales tool. This global brand giant asked ‘See what you mean’ to help share their success story in a new and exciting way.

Our unique ‘drag & drop’ method of presenting incorporates existing support material - Powerpoint, PDFs, movies etc, to build a visual, simple presentation.

Only one drawback - if you work on the job you have to wear the kit - the full kit!

A Brief History of communication

The latest ad from Carphone Warehouse 'A brief history' - is a real gem. Illustrated by Kristofer Strom for CHI & Partners with a great music track by Minilogue. ‘See what you mean’ are loving the visual links and finger usage, the voiveover is also a really nice choice.

See the inspiration for the ad by taking a look at more of Kristofers work, cool blog from Ljudbilden & Piloten & the original music video is a treat. The ad is also available in Quicktime on Motionographer.