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D&AD New Blood 2008

We've just got back from the D&AD New Blood exhibition at Earls Court. More than 100 universities and colleges and just three days to find the best talent! Its our first year visiting New Blood and the ‘See what you mean’ scouts were blown away by the standard. Highlights too many to mention from across the country. A unique opportunity to meet the freshest and brightest talent and see visual thought processes in action - a big show with a big impact!

Planning Rich Pictures

‘See what you mean’ have a cool interactive Rich Picture in production. Built in 3D and mixed with studio photography, we really have our hands full composting. Setting up the shoot for the main landscape is proving the biggest challenge. Using 3D figures we can accurately plan positioning for the shoot guide, but in the 3D model, when the height of a figure is calculated, the camera sits 240ft away from the furthest person and 60ft up! Time to hire the cherry picker...

Rich Pictures

If you’re interested in explaining things visually with Rich Pictures – take a look at VizThink. It’s a new global community aimed at sharing ideas. The first London meeting is Thursday July 10th, so come along. VizThink’s inaugural conference was in San Francisco in January. Here’s the rich picture to show what it’s all about.

Cool plugin from CoolIris - PicLens

‘See what you mean’ have been enjoying PicLens a cool new way to search and display pictures or videos. This neat little browser plugin fetches images directly from any PicLens enabled website (Google, YouTube, ebay, Amazon , Flickr already on-board), the search results are displayed on a nice clutter free 3D wall. Zip left/right, zoom in or jump back to the pictures origin, its a great visual tool especially for artists/designers hunting images on a daily basis. We really like the sub directories on amazon searches, and the discover menu is good fun.

Once installed look for the PicLens icon in your toolbar to check if the page is enabled, mostly US so far but with over 5m downloads more and more are being added.

Stefan Sagmeister...

...gave a great talk in Cardiff on Monday night.
He starts with a dirty story, and then shows you some jaw-dropping ideas.
He's like a designer Confucius.
Take a look at his book
'Things I have learned in my life so far'
and website

Splurj - makes us cry!

Having good links with the local universities allows ‘See what you mean’ to get a look at the hottest talent on the block. We met Scott from Splurj (studying at the Atrium on the interactive & motion design course), a little ago and were super impressed with his final major project for rapper D-Tox 'Make You Cry' - click the first small square. A real collection of styles and skills, with some David Carson/Albert Watson undertones. Great work and he hasn't even graduated yet! Check out the Lil' Don Rapski animation on the site, this boy loves the fluids!

Anatomy like never before!

Visible body has everyone at ‘See what you mean’ exploring highly detailed, anatomically accurate, 3D models of the human body's systems. Similar to Google Earth, in engine, Visible body lets you infinitely select individual systems, toggle how you view them in relation to each other. Fantastic levels of information can be accessed, gets a little slow with it all on & only works in IE, but well worth a look. Get some cool close up screen shots, make some body art!

Essential guides

‘See what you mean’ have been enjoying Richard Fenwicks' latest 'Userguide No.5 - Earthquakes'. The level of expression and character he adds to each short is genius.

There are so many brilliant movies to watch on this site, also be sure to check out 'Safety Procedures' - we don't often see chaos in info graphics, often ideals, his work also features in onedotzero.v3 - a great buy, enjoy...