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Nike - taking it to the next level...

One of the best sports videos to date, 'Take it to the next level' from Nike is simply stunning. Loving the reality and the camera positioning, just trying to figure out how its shot? - any ideas welcome. We've not seen something captured quite like it, with this quality, great action, enjoy.


What to do when you are stranded in the woods with the eminent danger of a bear just around the corner? Just use your Sprint Nextel phone to call for help. Great motion work from Superfad, info graphics rock! Check out the Hurricane Katrina video on the same page.

Safety solutions from Motorola

A fantastic journey allowing you to experience Motorola's mission critical public safety solutions. A rich mix of 3D, still photography & video cuts. We've been enjoying the submersive scenes, attention to detail and crafted stories. Great work from Norwegian design
company Soulpolice.

Making pixel history...

We chanced upon this gallery featuring work for artist Jon Haddock. An interesting and somewhat amusing study combiniPublish Postng computer game art and its obsession with the isometic viewing angle. Try and guess the famous historical and fictional events.