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A birds eye view

We found this neat addition to the views in Microsoft maps

Basically 'Bird's eye view' uses angled Satellite shots of your chosen location. As you scroll it patches some interesting angles together from various mapping sources - very clever.

If you haven't already checked it out give it a go at, usual search criteria for maps, get a post/zip code in there and off you go. Close the side bars & 'f11-ing' your browser- great on the apple 30"! Images © 2007 Microsoft Corporation © 2007 Blom.

Total Cinema experience

We're enjoying the new Apple 30" Cinema display. Great for multi-panel/layer organisation and timelines in After Effects/Flash.

More importantly - super cool with grabs from Google Earth, and displaying any dynamically populating websites - check out the screen grab above from - nice...

A load of pollocks

Make a mess with interactive painting fun on - - different key presses action colour changes, try screen grabbing your favourites.