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Halo 3 - Believe

Set in the future the Halo 3 - Believe microsite for the upcoming game release is a clever interactive piece by AKQA. Based around an unbelievable handcrafted model the story propels you through a tortured landscape of conflict and bloody action. Take a look at the making of and be sure to view some of the hotspots along the ride, the snapshoot facility is pretty neat.

You still don't know Dick!

After enjoying the classic OSCON keynote speech 'If you don't know Dick!', in 2005 by Dick Hardt - Founder and CEO of Sxip Identity, in which Mr. Hardt shares his vision for how users and sites will communicate identity, I was glad to come across his sequel presentation 'Who is the Dick on your site?'.

Again Dick delivers an interesting visual presentation that really captures the complexities of participating in an online world and how identity is at the center of the Web experience. Presentation/content copyright Dick Hardt, Sxip Identity.

Gorilla tactics

It’s the latest in a very traditional line of adverts from Cadbury and not what the general public was expecting. Long gone are the days of maidens floating on rivers, washing in pseudo erotic undertone, bring on the Ape!

Juan Cabral, Creative Director at Fallon (nice website btw), has made his directorial debut with ‘Gorilla’s Moment,’ the first chapter in the new Cadbury Dairy Milk campaign: ‘Glass and a Half Full Productions’, which exists solely to create content that makes you feel as if you’ve just eaten a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk… VFX Supervisor at MPC, Tom Harding, used flame’s ‘warper’ to enhance the humanistic facial expressions and breathing or nostril flaring of the gorilla.

So is it real, is it a guy in a suit, did they train a real gorilla or is it Phil Collins down on his luck! Which ever way a bold ad campaign has an audience doing exactly what the agency had in mind and that’s talking about it!

Inspired motion

After catching the latest Marc Foster movie ‘Stranger than fiction', I was compelled to find out more about the design team behind the opening/closing sequences.

Thankfully the DVD had a really comprehensive section on how motion graphics gurus MK12 were brought on board and the process they all went through, directors, animators and producers in actually getting the product they wanted.

It’s a rare insight into a true labour of love, I strongly recommend watching the extras and most importantly checking out MK12 online. Watch the opening sequence here (QT format) By the way, the movie is pretty good also…

Very touchy feely...

At the end of the month the ipodtouch, the latest in the line of brand god Apple's wanna have - gotta have toys hits European shores.

Its a real beauty, but we don't expect any less from Jonathan Ive's design team at Apple. Thinner than the iphone, the itouch boasts some amazing user interaction, well thought out functionality and simple toys, as the cool guided tour points out (its worth a watch). Check out the last section on photos, the way you zoom into pictures is pure genius.

With prime focus on wi-fi browsing and videos (itouch is not a phone btw) and a direct steer to the capture your custome at the istore, just how flexible if this super gadget going to be. Personally I'm a bit gutted at the measly 16GB HD! Yet again Apple release small drives that will fill in no time with vids & tracks, plus we all know that 6 months down the line and the 30GB will be out! So to buy or not to buy.... guess I'll be asking Santa O:)

We love to sketch

Having me reach for the moleskin softcover in my bag, is an inspiring collection of artists pocket sized handiwork.

As Jason Pogo, site administrator tells us ' is a no-nonsense, artist-run website made to focus on the beauty and diversity of the 'sketchbook'.' Check out the individual galleries, hope you have as much fun as we did.

Adobe Sugorock's!

Adobe hits Japan with Sugorock, a who's who of the Japanese art scene and street culture.

Guide your character through the checkerboard (if you can work it out ;), don't give up!), of animated cubes created by Japanese artists who leave behind little calling cards in the shape of animated cube... Crazy stuff but some amazing eye candy.

I found Akinori Oishi throuh his cube check out the micro films, simplicity at its best, and the game is great fun, where did I put that ZX81!

The One Million Masterpiece

Officially the World's largest collaborative arts project, the One Million Masterpiece is a fascinating snapshot of our global society. The interactive view is a site to behold.

Flip charts with Demitri Martin

As Scott McArthur mentions on his blog 'We are always being told to look at things in a different way and sometimes it is the things closest to us that we need to take another look at.' Thanks to McArthur's rant for the link.

Photoshop family stories

A well produced piece of interactive from the team @ Adobe.

Promoting the use of Photoshop CS3 Extended by a wide range of users from Medical to the web. Check out the 2 Effect artists story it has some lovely green screen actor interaction.

Typography School

Came across this interesting documentary by young design student and filmmaker Omair Barkatulla. With some interesting shots and nicely composed interviews the movie explores the contrast between old and new methods in typographic studies.

Levitated -

Pioneering amazing interactive conceptual art with cutting edge actionscript, Levitated genius Jared Tarbell is a legend in the making.

Be as creative as you want - Adobe CS3

It's arrived and been installed... CS3 looks set to set our creative juices flowing!

We chose Production Premium, bundling with After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and a host of other applications, Adobe makes a mark with this value for money box of tricks. With 'Dynamic link' (the bit which stitches the app together), you can streamline the work flow between AE & Prem, and hopefully remove the need for excess footage generation and slow render times. Looking forward to giving it a run out. Visit Adobe CS3.

Visual complexity

Our delve into the fascinating world of information graphics continues, adding to the archive some great visual resources from Visual complexity.

With some great links to pices of work ramging from an exciting interactive social networking address books, to an exploration which visually examines global human trafficking.

TV Channel Idents

There's some great resources on this site - check out the links down the side.

Information and Networks

Experience the incredible visual relationships between information, networks & graphics.

As a designer I want to delve into the visual relationships, understand & tell the story, sort the information. As an animator I just want to make it move, travel through the Z depth, see it come alive. But at my core I'm fascinated with the aesthetic.

I'm intrigued to see if creators of such works of art, the Statisticians, the Data analysts, get a similar 'warm' aesthetic reactions to their amazing creations? Or is it just cold - raw data, gathered, inputted, logically linked and sorted ready for analysis? Any comments welcome. Anyway this collection of diagrams and data can be seen on flickr, check out the slideshow and enjoy...

Visual fodder - signs of our time vol#01

Click the image to view the collection.

Flash on the Beach 07 : 4th - 7th Nov

Bringing together the most creative, technical, inspirational, educational and entertaining speakers in the rich media industry. An event not to be missed!

Already going? Drop me a line and hopefully we can hook up -

Beautiful minds

Artist and illustrator John Clapp has a beautiful approach to the creation of mind maps.

'Killing two birds with one stone...I was reading an excellent book called "Vision + Art: The Biology of Seeing" at the same time that I was reading another book about visual notetaking. (The Mind Map Book) So I tried taking notes using the methods described.'

Take a look at his website. Thanks to Dave Gray Communication Nation for the link.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs delivers a simple story in three parts.

Launching our new website

Today's a big day... we're launching our new website, featuring lots of our work from the last few years. It's great to be able to show the work at this size - and to show some full projects. We're all about making things easy to understand - hope you can 'See what we mean'!