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Polarr - online photo editing

There are plenty of online photo editors available, but Polarr looks like a pretty slick offering. Polarr boasts an impressive list of options to endless tweak your photos to your hearts content. It also has something called 'dynamic style', which consists of a series of questions where you pick photos that have different effects and colour tweaks. These questions build a style that can be quickly applied to your photos, it's like creating your very own Instagram filter. Go to to try it out.

Holodeck IRL

Here's another bit of technology that seems straight our of Star Trek, Lowe's 'holoroom'. Created by their innovation lab, the holoroom is a home improvement simulator that uses augmented reality to create a virtual room created by the users. Watch the video for more information.

Tiny planet video

Creating tiny planets from panoramic photos is fun, but think this video from Jonas Ginter pushes it further to great effect. By using GoPro cameras Jonas creates a spherical timelapse that makes his neighborhood look like a tiny sphere. Check out Jonas' blog for more videos including a cool interactive 360° video

The Colours of Motion

The Colours of Motion is a site designed and developed by Charlie Clark that explores the use of colour in movies. With some smart coding a movie is analyzed frame by frame, an average colour is derived from each frame which is them presented on the site. The site allows you to delve through the layers, from the overall colour of the whole movie down to each invidiual frame colour and the still from the movie. Clever stuff.


Recho is an app that allows you to record sounds in a location and leave them there to be discovered by others. You can also go and seek out recordings people have left nearby. Recho is being used in Denmark to crate treasure hunts, city guides and concert experiences. Watch the video for a quick overview of the app, or go download it from the App store.

Snap the internet to anything with Cloudbit

The Cloudbit from littleBits enables you to connect your things to the internet. So you can turn your dumb devices into smart ones, a coffee machine that makes your your morning cup when the sun rises, or an automatic fish feeder for when you’re away. A great way to play with electronics and code, check out the project pages to see what people have made.