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#Dancember UK

Lewis Bullock and Luke Bonner are back with their dancing advent calendar. The premise is simple, the guys bust out their best moves to some holiday songs, the result is genius. Check out this years dancing and revisit previous years on their YouTube channel.

Feltron Annual Report

Nicolas Felton has published his tenth and final Annual Report. The project began in 2005 and this years report is the first to use commercially available apps and devices to gather the data.

The most timeless songs of all time

Polygraph have used Spotify to measure the popularity of older music, specifically tracks from the 90's. By analysing the data interesting trends are visable, popularity at the time doesn't always translate into longevity. For example the top track is Nirvana's 'Smells like teen spirit' which didn't get into the top 5 when first released. It's worth noting that Spotify doesnt have every artist, and the user base of the app skews young. Check out the Polygraph website for more Spotify data mining.

How a hit song is made

This is an interesting look at how Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo make a hit song. The video makes great use of visualisations to pick out parts from the song, making for a far more interesting video than I would have thought.

Experience Curiosity

Ever wanted to cruise around on the surface of Mars? Well now you can thanks to Experience Curiosity from Nasa. You can check out the rover and all its cameras and tools as well as driving it around the red planet.

Dribbble freebies

PSDD collects all the great freebies made available by designers over on Dribbble into one site. A great resource for creatives, plenty of great icon sets, phone mock ups, UI bits and lots more.