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For Better Coffee

We like our coffee here in the studio, so we appreciate The site, beautifully illustrated by Craig & Karl, follows the bean through a journey to become your cup of coffee, the journey is controlled by scrolling down the web page which is a really neat effect. Have a play and lean some key points in making a better brew.

NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life shows data from one random taxi in New York City for one day in 2013. You can see the routes of the car through the streets of NYC and how much money it made. The site is made by Chris Wong and won a gold award from the Information is Beautiful Awards 2014, see the other winners on

Tant de Forêts

This animation is a trailer for a short film based on a poem of Jacques Prévert "Tant de forêts".
The poem speaks of the irony of the fact that newspapers warn us about deforestation although they are made of paper themselves.
The trailer is stunning, can't wait to see the full thing.

Design Stuff Cardiff

Design Stuff Cardiff is a monthly event where you can hear 'awesome talks about design'. I have picked a talk from their vimeo that I enjoyed, it's a talk from Sarah Edmonds about the importance of sketchbook. A great insight into Sarah's illustration practices and who doesn't enjoy seeing inside other peoples sketchbooks?

Microsoft holodeck

RoomAlive from Microsoft research turns an entire room into an 'immersive, augmented, magical entertainment experience'. The result is pretty cool, check the video above to see it in action and read an in depth article about it over on Fast Company.

Polarr - online photo editing

There are plenty of online photo editors available, but Polarr looks like a pretty slick offering. Polarr boasts an impressive list of options to endless tweak your photos to your hearts content. It also has something called 'dynamic style', which consists of a series of questions where you pick photos that have different effects and colour tweaks. These questions build a style that can be quickly applied to your photos, it's like creating your very own Instagram filter. Go to to try it out.